Concept Artist

Thanks for wanting to work with us !

To show us your talent, we would like you to provide two concept boards based on the document and guidelines available below.

Here are a few guidelines we ask you to follow :

  • Assets are on suction cup or plugged to the car’s body.
  • Set elements are on bases : they will roll on the button to activate the machine.
  • Accessories need to be imagine to be used by cars, always keep in mind their body shape.
  • No telekinesis allowed in the universe.
  • Cars can’t do actions that would involve using hands.
  • We need you to always put a line up for scale in the concept board you’ll deliver.
  • We need model sheets : one colored and one rig (front view and profile 3/4)

Please find the attached scripts, and provide two concept boards for the missing PROPS only (not the characters).

Let’s get started !

Download the attached documents to start your challenge. When you’re done, send us a download link (WeTransfer, Dropbox) at the bottom of the page.

We insist on the fact that your submission shall be considered as a simple technical test and can not be construed therefore as an Amuse’s artwork in any way. We undertake and acknowledge then : that you are free to use your submission as part of you portfolio, it being agreed that in this event the submission shall be watermarked with the mention “Edited as part of an Amuse submission test”; not to ever use and/or permit any use of your submission without your prior written consent. Notwithstanding the foregoing, any Amuse’s artwork that may be communicated as part of the test shall remain the Amuse’s sole property and your submission, as including some Amuse’s artwork, shall not in any way be used by and/or sold to a third party, without prior consent of Amuse.

We will only review submissions uploaded on this platform by filling the fields below.

Thank you !

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